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Have you found the perfect property but no opportunity to visit in the near future? Waiting often results in an unpleasant experience. In this region, there is more demand than supply, so homes and projects are often completely sold before they are even finished. Move-in ready homes usually remain available for a very limited time, due to high demand and limited supply. The whole world is customer here, waiting to secure your dream home is risking that it will already be sold or has significantly increased in price in the meantime.

Unfortunately, we often saw clients finding the perfect home, but it was already sold by the time they got here. At Gert Reypens Team we are committed to your happiness and satisfaction, we will do everything we can to help you secure the perfect home. We will try to assist you as best and personally as possible, preferably via telephone communication in order to understand your needs and requirements in the best possible way and to satisfy them with satisfaction. When a property appeals to you, we will suggest organising a live video tour so that you can view the property at home as if you were there yourself.

We think this is an important step in the process, so that you can already get a first real impression about the possibilities and feel yourself. If the feeling is right and it seems that this property is the ideal place, we can reserve the property for you to save important time. The buying process in Spain involves reserving the property first. This gives the buyer-party the chance to fully investigate everything about the property. But more importantly, is that this saves you time and takes the property (temporarily) off the market, blocking the sale by other estate agents or intermediaries. This way, you are assured that the property cannot be sold and you have the right to buy the property at the set price.

Would you like more information about the purchase process, a reservation or a remote purchase? Then do not hesitate to contact us or your agent, we will be happy to inform you about the possibilities and any questions you may have for us.

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